Cassie is cute.Her character in the tv show "skins" makes her even more mysterious and different.

I like that sailor shirt.

And the golden shoes.
They are magical.


I just came back from a party and I feel like not enought tired to sleep and too lazy to do something better than this.

I wanted to tell you about the tv show "skins" and about cassie.
I love her style,I'll try to get some pictures to show her to you.

I'm a bit drunk.


I never thought I'll be the kinda girl who has got a blog.
Never say never.

So I'm seventeen, I live in France and the reason why I write in english is because the blogs I enjoy visiting are (most of them) not french so I wanted people I like reading to understand me.

Just so you know ,I love fashion.

I actually have got ,you know, the kind of problems of thinking "do fashion really matters?" can we say a dress is like a painting or a movie.I do think so,but I let some space for some thinking.

In fact, it's hard to enjoy fashion without being superficial,and that's what I hate in fashion: the useless,the too much.

Sometimes,when I can't sleep, I make some clothes.I'll show them to you.I hope you'll like it ,and if you don't,well...fuck you.

Dear readers,let's blog.

Stina.(the monkey just there.)